The company Delta Media AS (a Norwegian private limited liability company with VAT nr. 916747330) an owner and operator (hereinafter referred to as the „Owner” or „Administrator”) of the Simple Equipment Management (referred to as “SEM” herafter) website and application a (hereinafter referred to as the „Application”), is also the Controller of personal data thereof. The Administrator stores, processes and uses all personal data submitted by the SEM Application Users in accordance with the provisions of Norwegian law. The Administrator undertakes to use appropriate tools, in particular to install SSL certificates, encrypt passwords in the database, conduct periodic security audits of the system and exercise due diligence in order to ensure that personal data and address data as well as the privacy of the SEM Application Users will be adequate protected in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Upon Registration, each User consents to the storing of their personal data and address data in the Application as well as to the storing, processing and using the above data to the extent specified by the Owner. Each User is entitled and allowed to inspect, amend, update, and delete data provided during the registration process at any time.

§ 1. General provisions

1. In order to access the Application, and thus render services by electronic means, the User must be registered (free of charge) by providing certain personal data. Accepting the Regulations and this Privacy Policy entitles the Administrator to collect and process the following data:
a) full name (for personal use– business name),
b) e-mail address,
c) full address, i.e. street, house number, apartment number, postal code,
d) password, i.e. a series of characters (numbers, letters, special characters), freely chosen and provided by the User, invisible and encrypted,
e) company registration data.

2. If personal data and address data referred to in § 1(1) are not provided, creating a User Account will be impossible.

§ 2. The processing of personal and non-personal data in the Application

1. Data referred to in § 1(2) are collected in the process of Registration so that the Application Owner can:
a) provide services accessible through the Application, such as:
(i) maintaining the User Account, providing the Users with access to the Account full functionality of the Application,
(ii) sharing commercial offers through the Application.
b) fulfil its legal and accounting obligations related to the provision of services through the Application.

2. Your personal information will help us keep you informed about our new products, software updates and upcoming events.

3. Your data is processed under Norwegian national law in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, on the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free the flow of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on data protection).

4. After getting your prior consent we may use your personal data to create, develop, provide and improve our products and services, also within our advertising material.

5. Some anonymized and non-identifiable of the personal information, such as the year of birth may be used to determine the demographic of our account holders. An example will be something as simple as your age based on date of birth.

6. We have to use your personal information to keep you updated in case of important notifications, specially with regards to changes in our terms and policies. You may not be able to stop receiving such notifications.

7. The application/system will also collect information that cannot be traced back to a specific person or user.

8. Some of these data is aggregated and used to provide targeted information to our customers. Aggregated data is considered non-personal information in the context of this Privacy Policy because they do not allow the identification of specific users.. We will collect and store information about how our customers use our services, specially with regards to searches. We will also collect information about how you use your device and programs to help our developers improve their programs.

§ 3. Changes to personal data

1. Each User is entitled and allowed to inspect, amend, update, and delete data provided after the Registration process at any time.

2. The Application User is obliged to update their data referred to in § 1(2) immediately after any change thereto, not later than within 3 (three) working days from the date of the change.

3. Should the User fail to update data referred to in § 3(2), the Owner may suspend the User's Account until the update is provided.

4. The User is entitled to inspect, amend, change and update data referred to in § 3(2) only after logging into their Account.

5. The User sends a written request asking to remove data from the Account to the Administrator, to the following e-mail: address:

§ 4. Limitation of liability

1. If the Administrator learns that the User makes use of the service provided electronically in a manner inconsistent either with the Regulations governing the SEM Application or with the applicable provisions of law (unauthorized use), the Administrator may process the User's personal data and address data to the extent necessary to determine the liability of the User. The Administrator shall record this fact for evidential purposes.

2. The User, in accordance with the Regulations governing the SEM Application, undertakes to prevent third parties from accessing the Application. The User is solely responsible for confidentiality and security of their account. The User is also obliged to immediately inform the Administrator of any unauthorized use of their Account in the Application by third parties.

3. The Administrator is not responsible for the content of data provided by the Users.

4. The Administrator is not being responsible for processing data by third parties who place external links in the Application, taking the Users to a different website.

5. The provisions of this Privacy Policy do not apply to entrepreneurs and individuals/entities whose data are generally available.

6. Sometimes with your prior consent SEM may provide personal information to strategic partners that work with SEM to provide services or products that help SEM bring these products/services to the market. If you agree, when using SEM, you can give us permission to exchange the information you provide as a user/company. Personal information will only be shared by SEM to provide products/services and for advertising and improve. Personal information will never be shared with third parties for marketing purposes. We may disclose your personal information if we believe it is necessary or appropriate in the context of national security, law enforcement or other matters of public interest under applicable law. We may also disclose your information if we determine that it is reasonably necessary to enforce our terms and conditions or protect our operations or users. Moreover, we may in a reorganization, merger, or sale, transfer any personal information we collect to the third party.

§ 5. Cookies

1. The Application uses cookies, i.e. small-sized files containing the Owner's information stored on the User's mobile devices/web browsers to make it easier for the Users to navigate the site and perform certain functions.